Nike’s ‘World Cup’ ad is a stop-motion animation made from 240 real murals

Russia’s unpleasant and prepared rendition of the Beautiful Game known as korobka is conveyed to invigorating life in this blend of road craftsmanship and liveliness.

You’d be hard-squeezed not to have seen it’s the FIFA World Cup in Russia, where whiz players do their thing in clean, roomy pitches as part of grand and costly stadiums. There is another side to football in Russia however in the frame of korobka street football, a harsh and prepared type of the diversion played in confine like yards around the nation by its childhood.

Framing some portion of Nike’s Never Ask campaign – and not directly connected to the World Cup, as Adidas is an official support – is a look at this immature underworld, The Korobka Never Asks, an exciting 43 seconds of activity that consolidates funnies and road craftsmanship with a frenetic stop movement vitality.

These adolescent culture fixtures usually come decorated with road craftsmanship, and in that soul advertisement agency Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam pasted over 240 murals in various korobka of between 2 to 16-meters which were then sewed into a film recounting the narrative of a youthful footballer with huge dreams for what’s to come.

Course came from French movement studio CRCR working with David Wilson of RiffRaff, with activity reins given over to fellow Parisians Wizz, their making-of videos installed underneath for your review joy, with the initial an animatic of the piece.


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