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VirtualLink unveils new VR headsets that connect with a single cable

VR headsets will institutionalize on another physical connector standard, known as VirtualLink, that will be composed around the current USB-C interface.

A consortium of the VR business fat cats, including Nvidia, Oculus, Valve, AMD, and Microsoft, have sponsored the interface. Prominent exemptions have all the earmarks of being Sony, whose PlayStation VR wasn’t recorded among the promoter organizations, and Intel, which has upheld the Thunderbolt detail. Organizations that desire to join the consortium can do as such at, which for right currently makes plans to a Google Sites address.

Points of interest of the VirtualLink spec itself weren’t promptly accessible, however the part organizations said that the spec will bolster four rapid HBR3 DisplayPort paths, which are adaptable for future needs; a USB 3.1 information channel for supporting high-determination cameras and sensors; and up to 27 watts of intensity. It’s not promptly clear what transfer speed the link will support, or how adaptable it will enable VR headsets to be. Anandtech, in any case, crunched the numbers and presumed that the spec takes into consideration 4K @ 120Hz with 8 bits for every shading.

What the part organizations said, in any case, was that the link would give an institutionalized answer for VR cabling, which has utilized conventional HDMI show and USB links. It likewise gives another kick to USB-C, which is rapidly supplanting the customary USB-A cabling. “Recreating reality requires mind blowing visual loyalty and preparing power,” said Jason Paul, Nvidia’s general chief of gaming and VR, in an announcement. “With a solitary, high-transfer speed link, VirtualLink opens the maximum capacity of the PC to control astounding VR encounters.”

Think about this as a VR invitation to battle. Evidently VirtualLink will make a big appearance in “people to come” VR gadgets, however it’s not clear precisely when that is destined to be. However, when it does, make a point to squint: We as of now have “standard” USB-C ports and additionally ones that help the new Thunderbolt spec, each ordinarily marked with a little symbol. Will VirtualLink include a third?


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