See how Rodeo FX built the beautiful, surreal environments of The Greatest Showman

In spite of the fact that a Broadway adjustment is as of now in progress, here we investigate the twentieth Century Fox film, with crafted by VFX house, Rodeo FX. A significant part of the film was made utilizing smaller than expected sets and conditions, which were then upgraded utilizing VFX. Investigate this and more in the breakdown reel underneath.

Rodeo FX conveyed 85 singular shots, a significant number of which upgraded the strange conditions of the film and in addition the discharge and devastation of the theater. A standout amongst the most difficult shots included three youthful kids running into the carnival. The plate for this succession was shot completely on a green screen, with simply the performing artists set up. Rodeo FX at that point fabricated the whole shot in CG, from the impression of the bazaar on the puddle and the water impacts as the kids go through it, to the earth and carnival tent itself.

Rodeo FX additionally worked intimately with the movie’s creation group and on set with chief Michael Gracey.

“I had the joy of being on set in Brooklyn to administer shooting over the smaller than expected set,” said VFX chief Martin Lipmann.

“Executive Michael Gracey needed the motion picture to have a quite certain look and to demonstrate that it was made utilizing miniatures. For The Greatest Showman we went for an intentionally unreasonable condition, which was a fun test.”


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