Guillaume Kurkdjian’s wonderful animations for Lyft show why brands should trust artists

Lyft’s new battle originated from confiding in maker Guillaume Kurkdjian, bringing about some magnificent GIF work that bubbles with life and vitality.

It’s uncommon for a brand to depend a maker totally with a fresh out of the box new battle, however that is the thing that happened when transport application Lyft called upon Frenchman Guillaume Kurkdjian to populate their landing page with pristine livelinesss.

The result has been a progression of beguiling, smoothly enlivened GIFs that blend with life and take charm back to the thronging universe of urban areas and transport.

“The Lyft group internationally required new, fun, dynamic and vivid stuff yet they additionally needed me to keep my own particular style – without asking me to me mimic another person’s work,” Guillaume clarifies. “That was something that I enjoyed about this entire task.”

“We initially dealt with the outline of the 7 autos speaking to Lyft’s diverse administrations, which I at that point energized. After that I chipped away at around 25 3D activitys, twelve outlines and furthermore somewhere in the range of 2D symbol livelinesss. Lyft were in every case extremely exact in their briefs and had some extremely cool thoughts so it was a joy for me.”

The underlying thoughts behind every liveliness originated from unpleasant portrayals or depictions from Lyft’s side, after which Guillaume would “rapidly bounce on C4D” to make different drafts.

“All the movement was likewise done specifically in C4D, aside from some screen movement plans or symbols activitys which were done in After Effects.”

Thought the undertaking fuses various vehicles and city scapes, Guillaume is glad for the consistency showed in his reality building.

“To have made this little universe with compatible parts is extremely fulfilling for me,” Guillaume says.

“You can take a truck from one activity, effectively incorporate it to another scene and it works.”